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HR automation

Transform the employee support experience

Automate support.  

Boost productivity. 

Leverage new support analytics.


more likely to be a top HR performer, when leveraging AI in your HR organization


lower total costs per employee for organizations that leverage AI for HR for 2+ years


quicker for employees to self-serve and find the answers their looking for when leveraging AI vs traditional HR models


growth (up to) in the adoption of conversational AI for HR by small and mid-sized businesses.  AI isn't just for the largest businesses anymore! 


growth in adoption of conversational AI for HR to improve onboarding, support, training, and other functions


of organizations have been leveraging AI in their HR function 

for at least one year

* Figures  based on IBM survey to 1000 HR respondents and internal deployments.  Results may vary.

Join the AI for HR movement & improve employee support!

Leveraging the power of AI to improve your business is no longer limited to just customers or the largest of businesses.  In fact, businesses of all sizes are integrating AI technology into their day-to-day workflow to drive employee productivity, reduce costs, improve their employees' experience, and help their businesses outperform.  


  • Parental leave

  • COVID insurance

  • 401k

  • Health & wellness

  • Disability coverage

  • Family benefits

  • LIfe insurance

  • ...and more!


  • AHA policy

  • Employee equity

  • Cash/card/retirement appreciation

  • Awards program

  • Salary & raise guidelines

  • Promotion & demotion

  • ...and more!

Travel & expense

  • Corporate card usage

  • Approvals

  • Expense reports

  • Hotel/car/flight bookings

  • Troubleshooting

  • Concur access

  • ...and more!


  • Transfers

  • Bank information

  • TIme-off / PTO

  • Resignations

  • Accounting information

  • Alerts/notifications

  • Workday integrations

  • ...and more!

Diversity & inclusion

  • Anti-harrassment policy

  • Diversity training

  • Bias training

  • Sexual orientation

  • Discrimination

  • Bullying

  • ...and more!

our smarter AI has a catalogue of hundreds and thousands of intents and examples ready for use out-of-the-box, without any training on your end. 

...and more!

Our pre-trained AI has you covered, whatever the HR question!

Why build from scratch if you don't have to?

Our smarter AI comes pre-trained to recognize your employees most common questions, so you can spend more time on improving the experience and less time figuring it out.

Stop guessing!

Get the analytics you need 

With additional insights at your fingertips, you’ll know what your employees are looking for, where they’re finding answers, from where around the world, and what answers they couldn't find (so you can proactively address the gaps).

Want to see for yourself? 

Then schedule a quick demo with us. 

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Lots of employee inquiries

HR staff can quickly get overwhelmed with employee inquiries, whether you’re fast growing or already mature. You need more than people to help your workforce!

Can’t focus on HR priorities

If you’re reacting to employee questions, you can’t be proactive and tackle your most pressing priorities, whether that be talent acquisition or learning & development

Too many systems & policies

With so many systems in place, HR staff and your workforce can get frustrated trying to get the easiest of tasks done. You need to simplify the experience & meet them where they are!

Difficulty engaging remote workers

As your workers move toward hybrid/remote work places, they will still need the same level of support.

Do you have the tools in place to provide them the same level of support wherever they are?

Unsure what your workforce needs

Unsure what support your workforce needs? Analytics are crucial to identifying the gaps and supporting your employees when they need it.  We can help here too!

Don't let HR support pain points slow you down

HR support is fundamental.   

However, as companies grow in terms of headcount, tools, processes, and geographic footprint, that additional complexity can overwhelm your HR staff, slow down your workforce, and hurt productivity.  This is especially true with traditional HR models that scale support with resources, rather than technology.