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Need AI for business applications? Join our Early Adopter program!

Curious about AI for employee support? Join our 3-week program where you can quickly prove the value of an employee AI chatbot with minimal investment. We'll partner with you to design, build, & deploy an employee agent, so you can start improving your employee support experience sooner rather than later! 

Review below to learn about the program's timing, scope, and requirements.  If you think it's a fit, then let us know!

Program details

Review requirements

To ensure a successful program outcome, we do ask for certain requirements, such as resource commitment & company size.  The full list can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Person behind a book reviewing requirements to build an intelligent AI virtual assistant to improve the employee experience
Submit Form

Click "Sign-up today" to go to our "Early adopter" registration form and complete.  Please include as many details as possible. If the team thinks you're a good fit, we'll let you know!

A required form needed to start designing and building your own intelligent AI and enterprise RPA driven virtual assistant
Design (1 week)

We'll have a design session to create a brief for your intelligent AI virtual assistant strategy, which will include your objective, your F.A.Q. use case, relevant systems, and resources, among other areas.


Build & test (1 week)

With our blueprint from Phase 1, we'll start building and testing your intelligent AI virtual assistant over the course of 1 week.  As we see it come to life, we'll adjust as needed


Two speech bubbles to reflect the customer's feedback on our intelligent AI, enterprise RPA, and virtual assistant solution

Before we let you go, you'll provide us with formal feedback on the quality of our services, as well as our intelligent AI virtual assistant and RPA capabilities. We're always looking to improve!

Deploy & refine (1 week)

Finally, we'll deploy your virtual assistant to your intended group and start to see how intelligent AI can impact the employee experience! As you start to see how employees engage, we can fine tune the model


Get to value at a lower cost
You'll have an intelligent AI virtual assistant that impacts the business at a great value and with minimal complexity
Co-collaboration & design
Given the limited participants, you'll get the attention and time to discuss and align on your long-term AI, RPA, and employee experience objectives
Consulting & advisory
Advisory services regarding intelligent AI and RPA adoption are expensive. In this program, you'll get the same expertise at a much better value

Additional details

Design brief
We'll align on your objective, domain, & systems to ensure the best application of our virtual assistant's AI & RPA capabilties within your company
Functional AI solution
Based on the design brief, we'll build & deploy your intelligent AI virtual assistant so you can start improving the employee experience
Start improving
At the end of 3 weeks, you'll start to see how intelligent AI and RPA can improve the employee experience with increased adoption & productivity savings. 
Ability to commit to 3 weeks
Company size
Greater than 100 employees
Solution admin; Project champion
HR, IT, or both
Once the program ends, we want to hear from you! You'll complete a short survey to help us improve
Early access form

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