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A smarter virtual assistant for the employee that provides you with pre-built skills, AI & automation so you can build, deploy, and start improving the employee experience quicker & easier than before.....all at a lower cost.

Quick to build. Quick to deploy. Quick to value. Quick Scout

Chatbot AI & automation Increase employee productivity. Reduce costs.

Your employees will thank you. We're sure of it.

Deploy AI & RPA-driven HR chatbot on any device to improve the employee experience

Employees can leverage our chatbot AI virtual assistant to answer their questions anytime & anywhere with its back-end integrations to your most common business tools.

24/7 solutions
on any device
An HR virtual assistant improves the employee experience by improving productivity

75% reduction in time spent finding answers or carrying our administrative tasks. HR & IT systems can be complex.  Our chatbot AI and automation make them easy.

productivity & focus
An AI & RPA-driven HR virtual assistant improves the employee experience by increasing their satisfaction

Our market-leading chatbot AI & automation improve the employee experience by making the most tedious tasks easy.  Employees appreciate that.  You know what they say:  happy employees = retained employees!

And they are happier, 
which matters
Design & build quicker with pre-built use cases

With an easy-to-use skill builder and pre-built use cases for your most common questions, you can download, refine, and deploy your chatbot AI virtual assistant without any coding whatsoever. 

An intuitive skill builder and pre-built HR use cases enable quick deployment of your AI enterprise virtual assistant
Deploy to your most common business apps

Whether Web, Slack, or Microsoft Teams, deploy your chatbot AI virtual assistant so your employees can leverage the skills you build when and where is most convenient.

Get a sneakpeak into your employees' "heart beat"

High-level analytics enable you to understand employee trends, based on their most common questions & usage patterns.​  Curious if they're asking about COVID? See for yourself!

Our virtual assistant's intelligent AI provides high-level usage analytics so you can better understand your employee needs
Automate your work so you can do more with less

Save your time and automate your common tasks with our enterprise robotic process automation and back-end system integrations. We're more than just a bot, we're your intelligent chatbot AI with automations.

We've simplified skill-building.  It's easier than ever.

Market leading 
AI technology
Our virtual assistant is driven by market-leading intelligent AI and enterprise RPA technology

Our virtual assistant leverages IBM's Watson AI to provide robust AI capabilities to accurately understand, respond, & meet your employee needs.  Only the best for your employee experience.

enterprise security
Enterprise security ensures your virtual assistant and your data is protected

Our chatbot AI virtual assistant is equipped with enterprise-grade security to ensure employee privacy, data isolation and compliance with regulations.

One login, no forgotten passwords
Our virtual assistant creates a seamless employee experience by integrating into your company's authentication

Integrates with your company's authentication provider so your employees easily gain access with their current credentials.

search skill
Our virtual assistant leverages intelligent AI to quickly scan your existing documentation and return the answers employees are looking for

With Quick Scout's AI search, get started quickly by scanning your existing intranet, knowledge base, and FAQs to easily surface answers without having to create anything new.

your brand 
Update the design of your virtual assistant to match your company brand

Make our AI virtual assistant solution your own and align it to your company brand.

If not, keep the Quick Scout theme and look good anyway.

Your virtual assistant leverages intelligent AI to automatically learn and improve how it responds to employee questions

Our chatbot AI learns automatically, which means your virtual assistant will continually improve itself & the employee experience as it analyzes thousands of  employee questions.

Platform features

From startups to enterprises,

we have AI, RPA, & platform capabilities for everyone

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3 ways to get started 

Employees leveraging an AI-powered automation chatbot can reduce their time spent on common questions & tasks by 75% 


Time saved

With IBM Watson, Quick Scout's AI & machine learning best understand your users' needs, based on a study that shows a 14.7% greater accuracy in intent recognition compared to competition

+ 14.7%


With as few as 300 employees, you can see a 1 year payback period.  The more employees, the quicker the payback....even in a matter of days!

< 1 year

Payback period

* Results may vary, given company size, adoption, and scope